Using Gatling to track your site's performance

In a previous post, we showed how we could track the duration of our existing automated functional tests, allowing us to detect any anomalies between different builds. However, to ensure that the system behaves normally under load, we need to generate simulated traffic and measure performance related metrics. One of the solutions that are growing in popularity is Gatling.

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Visualization testing with BDD - using Applitools

A tool like Applitools used with BDD - really? If you do decide to go for the BDD approach, then you must be prepared for a change of mindset. Not only do you need to implement automated tests, but you also need to cater for the BDD syntax. This is the mindset I immediately had to adapt to when taking on such a task.

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TestCafe - Running our tests in parallel

In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into TestCafe’s capabilities. To optimize the effort and reduce the execution time of our tests, we’ll run our tests in parallel in two different browsers!

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Time those Functional Tests with TImings API - Part 2

This is the second part of our Timings post. In this part we will explain how to modify our existing WebdriverIO tests to start asserting them against some performance checks. We will use the Timings library and view the performance measurements in Kibana.

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Bored of Selenium? Try out TestCafe!

TestCafe is a good alternative to Selenium-based tools. Since it injects itself into the website as JS scripts, it is much faster and more stable. This allows TestCafe to run on any browser, including mobile devices and Cloud Services as well. In our post, we'll implement our first TestCafe test and run it on the amazing cloud provider SauceLabs.

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Let’s play a game: Hack the Juice Shop

Security, a buzzword for some companies and a priority for others. Sometimes knowing the basics can take you such a long way, that's why OWASP developed the Juice shop - an insecure application which lists vulnerabilities in a scoreboard, to solve as ‘puzzles’. The more weaknesses you find on the website, the more points you get.

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Time those functional tests with Timings API - Part 1

Performance is a non-functional aspect which testers rarely have time to cover. In this post, I will introduce you to the Timings library which allows you to collect performance data from your browser as well as viewing it on a dashboard. This layer of performance checks can be added to your existing tests with minimal effort.

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Contributing to my favourite open-source project

Open-source projects are not always as perfect and bug-free as we may wish.  Most of the time such issues will not be found straight away and may take quite some time for someone to fix. We decided to be brave, and choose to dedicate some time to contribute to a project which we loved.

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How to analyse Test Results and "deflake" your Flaky Tests?

In this post, we will introduce you to two powerful Jenkins plugins, which can help you analyze and deflake your flaky tests and make your Jenkins builds greener. We will go through both plugins in detail, helping you choose which is best suited for your CI pipeline.

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Welcome to TestAutonation is a space where Software Testers, QA Engineers, Software Developers and anyone with interest in anything related to Software Testing create, share and discuss exclusive content for the Software Testing community.

Our primary aim for starting is to not only create a one of a kind knowledge sharing platform but also engage one another with past experiences and insights into latest technologies.

We will start by releasing a series of blog posts but would like to organise MeetUps, Podcasts, Courses/tutorials and conferences in the future. The difference from other "communities" is that with TestAutonation anyone can write a blog post, course/tutorial or give a speech under the TestAutonation name.

So stay tuned for any surprises we have planned for the Testing Nation.

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